by Dawn Of Leviathan

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released December 18, 2015

Written By Dawn Of Leviathan
Lyrics By Harry Francis, Daniel Valkenburg and Mitchel Gallop
Engineered and Produced by Cody Brooks (Iconoclast)
Mixed and Mastered by Tomas Raclavsky (Modern Day Babylon)
Artwork by Michael Salas



all rights reserved


Dawn Of Leviathan Perth, Australia

We are a band from Perth, Western Australia that loves music and wants to tour the world playing it.

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Track Name: Enervate
I am broken, I cannot pull myself together.
I dream of leaving this, a vacant soulless abyss before the energies can tear me apart.

I stand above this flux of fear,
longing for better place to finally realize what I truly am on the inside.

We release our soul onto this night, imaging a time where I can open my eyes and perceive, perfect, un-corrupt reality. I cannot shape the pieces of my fragmented mind but I can enervate this pain I feel on the inside, you cannot stop me breaking apart.

Our minds are ever-changing, shifting into ominous forms. Abstract perfections reveal scars over time; reborn.

We are broken, we must pull ourselves together.
We dream of leaving this, a vacant soulless abyss before the energies will tear us apart. Recreate me just to tear me apart, they won't tear me apart.
Track Name: A Place Far Beyond
Refracted patterns lie within our minds; now I will shift unto this veil
We have been dragged under. My soul is torn, possessed infinities revealing unborn darkness, the void suspended in time.

The severed connection will bring forth a new path, will it lead us to Gaia or bleed us to our design. I cannot grasp to hope much longer, behold devices of omnipotence refined.

I have been searching my infinity to unlock my divinity within the world beyond, beyond our gaze. Hold on to this light that has been given to us until you drift away, fall away and I will guide you across the dark.

Do you think this suffering is worth it? A world of aspects merging, you cannot stop progression. A life of introspection falling in regression, we must break the surface.

Break the surface...

I see a glimpse of a world through a tear in my dream, amidst the broken I wander but as I rip away at the seams; refracted memories so somber.

Arise in a place far beyond, a consciousness emerging.
Tear this dream asunder and behold introspection.
Track Name: Emergence
I am ascended of nothingness, behold the void incarnate of light.
This element of kinetic bliss is never ending.

The sun will rise again and cast away the darkness,
we will discover ourselves in the end and find our way back home.
Skies will alight a new day and carry me away...

How can I perceive myself when I'm tangled in this thoughtless abyss,
illuminated visions set free to be unleashed into this world. To be
unleashed unto this world.

Shattering this un-nerving portent of fate, I release calamity to be whole. This is the rebirth of the universe inside us all, please look inside your soul.

Outreaching... desperation of our being is increasing.
An extinction of an extant kind. Evolve, transcend or be left behind.
Fruition of this elevated intellect, that can refine, redefine the way I see the world.

I am nothing but a vessel bound to walk the earth, I am nothing but a vessel bound to haunt the earth.
Track Name: Hollowed
I remember, my hands went cold as I let this go. These tears were the only thing stopping the air from swallowing me whole. I am tearing at the seams of reality to discover my fate. Skies glaring, staring right through me with the beauty of the sun.

I long to be one, I have become everything.

I'm not one to linger in nothingness but I feel this has taken a fragment of my soul. Fractures appear in everything but this fading light won't ever let me go, it haunts me.

We are all running out of time as we strive to find what lies deep within ourselves. Can we not dream? Can we not see what is right in front us?

This is nothing but a dream, yet I can still feel you there.
Track Name: Adrift With Knowledge
As an omnimus glow in the distance, embelished the night sky
A sentient entity, searing brightly and incomprehensibly shifting its form breaches through our dimension.

As now this metaphysical phantom reaches our visible spectrum, it hones ancient technologies to redefine what we perceive as reality. The illusions of anger have been dis-spelled, now mentally unified, my longing for answers fade as their memories imbue themselves into my consciousness.

I relinquish, it takes hold and I accept. It takes hold and I am now adrift with knowledge. Rivers of wisdom flow to bestow the lost secrets of our past, I am know adrift with knowledge.

Two beings merge as one.

Rapid advancement in our evolution is initiated with the merging of minds, we have skewed father time and now shall receive our ascension. A haunting premonition of the fate they wish to bend floods through my cortex.

So you are the demon who unrelentingly vexes my dreams? Whispering truths yet to unfold.

I am the immortal who will grant you the tools to be free or claim this world as your own.

As I stand amalgamated with an ancient celestial being, I grasp it's vast understanding of the multiverse. As the seed returns to the earth, so too do we all in the end.

As I stare, captivated, I gaze through time and space. Drifting on the infinite like an echo through the ages. As the seed returns to the earth so too do we all but I hold the key.